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An AI-powered enhanced trading experience

Built by retail investors for retail investors.

Data-driven Insights

Inform your trading decisions with our predictive AI models that identify price trends in the market.

Chart Signals

Intuitive chart visualizations to help you see future price action for individual Stocks, ETFs, ADRs, and more.

User Friendly

Un-intimidating user interface that breaks down the complex nature of stock market trading for new investors.

Automated Research

Using our price prediction engine, you won't need to spend hours doing research on stock analysis.


Our AI

BlackHedge uses state of the art artificial intelligence technology to help predict trends in the stock market. Our mission is to provide technology to our users that can be used to help manage their portfolios, and provide a return over time that exceeds the market average.

Our proprietary algorithm uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze various technical indicators of all NYSE and NASDAQ-listed stocks, adjusted per time scale, to generate signals that predict if the price will go up or down

Our user-friendly interface simplifies complex technology

Visualize market trends with our chart signals



Automated market research to help you identify new trading opportunities

Saves hours of your valuable time

Get notified when the price will go up or down

Stay in the loop, anywhere you are


Join over 25,000 investors who use Blackhedge to make smarter trades!


Access to all our premium features.

7-Day free trail, cancel anytime.


✓ List of recent buy and sell signals

✓ Unlimited signal alerts

✓ Unlimited searches


Access to all our premium features.

7-Day free trial, access for an entire year.


40% Discount ($120 value)

✓ List of recent buy and sell signals

✓ Unlimited signal alerts

✓ Unlimited searches

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Truly democratize investing.

Retail investors have long been on the wrong end of the trade, facing disadvantages in all directions compared to Hedge Funds and other institutional investors. We want to extend access to tools commonly used by Wall Street to the average individual to level the playing field.

BlackHedge was built BY retail investors FOR retail investors. We are not former Wall Street folks looking to capitalize on the new tech wave. We are regular, hard-working tech enthusiasts and visionaries looking to lead the second wave of democratization in finance and change the world for the better.

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